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¡°Integrity, Pragmatic, Innovation, Efficiency¡±
Integrity is the condensation of personality charm including selflessness, tolerance, trustworthiness etc., as well as the principle of us to establish in the competitive market and company development. Integrity require us how to conduct ourselves: must treat people with pure-heartedness, move people through affection, convince people by reasoning, abide by the professional ethics, and emphasize on individual self-cultivation. Integrity require us how to handle affairs: must honor the contract, keep the promise, actively create favorable external environment to accelerate enterprise development. ¡£
Pragmatic means to venerate the enterprising spirit, advocate seeking truth from facts, proceed from actual conditions, love their jobs, and sparkplug the work style of cautious and conscientious as well as down-to-earth.
Innovation is the source for enterprise development, is the life of an enterprise, is the soul of enterprise culture, we must not only adhere to promote awareness of innovation, and be bold in exploration and innovation to fish out institutional innovation, management innovation and knowledge innovation, but also we should make constant efforts to implement this concept in the work and reformation.
Efficiency is the unification of" effect and benefit", is the inherent requirements of enterprise development, is the assurance of enterprise to seize the opportunities of development, is the cornerstone of enterprise rapid growth. Efficiency require us work efficiently, and to do things with fast pace and high efficiency, and stress consistency of motivation and effectiveness, Focus on safeguarding the interests of the enterprises and enhancing economic efficiency while improving social benefits. No other than tightly integrating realization of the objectives and spirit of enterprise, the strong resultant force of corporate culture will be formed.
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